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Release No. 4
(Regular Series  2000)


October 25, 2000

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4-1: 'Broader Perspective Needed 
to Face Eco-Political Crises' -- SanibLakas
4-2: SanibLakas Prepares Three-Year
'Doables And Dreams' Program
4-3: Salika Schedules Multiracial 
Art Performance In High Seas
4-4: CFirst C.E.S. Seminar Held In Cebu;
Advocates' Organization Formed
4-5: 'Chosen Sites' Launch Set October 27;
'Seven Flames' Pamphlet Out By Then
Bulletin No. 4-1 (October 25, 2000)
'Broader Perspective Needed To Face
Eco-Political Crises' -- SanibLakas
......MMANILA, Philippines (SanibLakas InfoShare) --  The synergism-oriented SanibLakas Foundation issued a call this morning calling upon the people to view and respond to the present economic and political crises with a broader perspective, a viewpoint that lifts all our hearts and minds well beyond the details of individual personalities, specific acts, and sensational twists and turns.  "Sensational details, as played up by the commercial media, although deserving our attention should not drown out our collective awareness of larger national interests, longer historical processes, and overall commonality of desire for peace and progress in our country," the statement said. 
......In its statement titled "Broader Perspective Needed to Avert Further Divisiveness," SanibLakas clarified that is "not asking the opposition to abandon its work; neither are we asking the Estrada administration to stop trying to defend itself and asserting its mandate."  Calling upon the people to  "to demand, and to actually show the way, for a much better handling of the crises," the statement proposed four ways by which "all good men and women (could) come to the aid of their country":
......1. Adopt a broader view of things. Consider things in proper perspective, take the long view.  Remind everyone that there has been a decades-long historical antecedent to the present economic crisis, and the solutions are not as instant as a "snap election" or having another politician succeed the incumbent one. Let's start to personally live daily and fully the ethics we want all the other people to adopt; it will really take some time, but no solution to our social problems can ever work without that!
......2. Effectively influence all those debates on the crisis in order to raise them to the level of intelligent discourse, refraining from rabid partisanship, impassioned debates and rantings.
......3. Help build a consensus that our country urgently needs the combined efforts of all patriotic Filipinos to reassert the collective nobility of our nation, based on our heritage.
......4. Work to highlight the traditional Filipino value of "damayan" which is very much alive during crises and calamities, and. strengthen whatever strands of unity have remained so far among our people.
......At one point the statement referred to the latest focus of excitement: the disclosure made by a provincial governor implicating President Estrada in a payola arrangement from operators of called "jueteng," the illegal gambling equivalent of the government's lotto: 

............"We do have to address the despicable levels of graft and corruption in our society, but unless we are ready to believe that it all just started under the present administration, we should also be critical of the hypocrisy of those personalities who were part of full-blown graft and corruption machineries in the past but who now dare claim to be 'holier-than-thou.'

............"And if we take illegal gambling in proper perspective, for example, we would not put it on equal terms with policies that have sacrificed the health, environment, income levels and other interests of our people just to appease foreign creditors and investors and international usurer agencies. It would take much effort to develop such sense of history. With too many of us absorbed in passionately debating some media-spotlighted controversy or other from week to week, even from day to day, who would remember any of those antecedents? : 

......The statement pointed out that "Estrada's governing style and personal lifestyle really leave so much to be desired, and some acts have crossed the bounds of the legal (like banning Inquirer reporters from legitimate coverage) but his more significant offense against the people's interests has been his very continuance of his predecessors' consistent obedience to foreign-investor and foreign-creditor dictates for honoring all those illegal debts, "leveling the playing field," privatizing basic public services while raising taxes, etc., and all the while claiming to be 'pro-poor'."
......Towards the end, SanibLakas asked "all individuals and groups who find merit in this statement to help us reach more and more people with its analyses and calls," adding that "We have faith in such synergy."
......For the full text of this statement, please click here. --->

Bulletin No. 4-2 (October 25, 2000)
SanibLakas Prepares Three-Year
'Doables And Dreams' Program
......MANILA, Philippines (SanibLakas InfoShare) --  A new three-year program combining the "obviously doable" and some "uninhibited dreaming" was recently approved in principle by the SanibLakas ng Taongbayan Foundation.  In a meeting held last September 30 at the Earthlite "Wholistic Place" in Cubao,  Quezon City, the SanibLakas Board of Trustees, noted that the foundation achieved much more in the last three years than the same Board could imagine in January 1998, start of the current program term which will end this coming December.
......"The seeds we planted have germinated-- they've grown!" SanibLakas founding president Ed Aurelio C. Reyes enthused in the President's Report, citing that the end-97 decision to shift from the earlier "services" orientation to promoting the synergism principle among the "biggest number of people in the shortest time possible" was crucial in the organization's rise to achieve its present momentum. 
Present, aside from Reyes, to constitute a clear quorum of eight out of eleven, were Marie R. Marciano, vice president and treasurer; Joydee C. Robledo, board secretary and executive director (on leave); and trustees Romy Lee B. Ancheta, Mila R. Garcia, Ed Felipe de I. Vera, Noemi A. Medina, and Luis B. Gorgonio.  Trustees Araceli Ocampo and Pinky Serafica were then of town and trustee Beth Roxas was then on an overseas trip. 
......Also present as observers were Marz Zafe, Esper Dowling, and Ros Zerrudo, all of the SanibLakas Human Development and Harmony (HDH) program, and Armand Mauricio of SALIKA, the SanibLakas organization for synergy-building in the environmental movement.  Mrs. Dowling, representing the Earthlite community, also gave the welcome remarks. 
......Reyes and Marciano informed the body of possible funding for SanibLakas programs and projects that may likely come from, among others, an international eco-spiritual organization based in the United States.  This likelihood forms the basis for the "uninhibited dreaming" for the scale and speed the contents of the new three-year program could be implemented beginning January 2001 or even earlier.  Still, it was asserted that even without such external assistance SanibLakas Foundation, which has consistently been mission-driven and synergy-powered will continue and even increase the momentum already achieved in the various program thrusts. 
......"Lack of funds cannot stop us, it can only slow us down a bit," Reyes said.  "In synergism-promotion, the initial familiarization levels achieved in the last three years will be raised to the level of deeper comprehension and conscious application of the principle in key sectors of our social life," the draft program document declared, adding that "in concrete synergy-building efforts, the seeds that have been sown, the teams that have been formed, will grow into full-blown organizations and networks."
SanibLakas Foundation will convene a general membership meeting early this coming December to elect a new Board which will flesh out and finalize the new three-year program.  It will also hold a Christmas party for the broad "SanibLakas family" on December 9, with the tentative title "Sanib-Saya!
......The broad "SanibLakas family" embraces all the members of the SanibLakas-created organizations (like SALIKA, Filipinos for LifeACES,  and Sanib-Sining), program committees or project working teams. While membership in the Foundation itself remains strictly invitational,  the process starts with being an active member and exemplary team player in any of these organizations, committees or teams.

Bulletin No. 4-3 (October 25, 2000)
Salika Schedules Multiracial 
Art Performance in High Seas
........MANILA, Philippines (SanibLakas InfoShare) -- It will be International Water Day on March 22, 2001, as well as a full month before Earth Day 2001.  This early, the Sanib-lakas ng Inang Kalikasan (SALIKA) is preparing a world-class project, in fact a multi-racial one, to protect the endangered species in the habitat of the South China Sea. 
......Well-known artists from about ten countries in the Southeast Asian region will converge in a critical spot in that part of the world to hold a multiform artistic performance symbolizing the concern and commitment of their respective peoples, or even their respective governments, for the dolphins, sea turtles and other endangered sea animals that have established their migratory routes and roosting sites in the area.  Their "performance in the high seas" will be supported by simultaneous multi-art form performances in their respective national capitals.
......The project, titled "Earth Lives, Earth Live" will be undertaken by SALIKA in partnership with counterpart environmental and artists' organizations, media and academic institutions, and private sector entities based in about a dozen or so countries, mostly in Asia.
......Armand Mauricio, SALIKA's special project coordinator, told SanibLakas Infoshare that more specific details will be released soon, as overall preparation work progresses.

Bulletin No. 4-4 (October 25, 2000)

First C.E.S. Seminar Held In Cebu;
Advocates' Organization Formed

............CEBU CITY, Philippines (SanibLakas InfoShare) -- SanibLakas Foundation has always had close friendly ties with the Visayas Cooperative Development Center (VICTO), with the latter consistently supporting  the SanibLakas message of  synergism for cooperatives since early 1998.  For this reason, SanibLakas gifted VICTO with its first  two-day seminar on concrete application of the synergism principle in cooperativism, and this was held for seven participants in this city last Sept. 18-19.  This launched the SanibLakas program for Cooperative Education on Synergism (C.E.S.) which  is set to hold such seminars in all regions of the country starting next year. 

............The seven graduates, out of a total of nine starters selected by VICTO, were Victor V. Comeros , senior trainer, VICTO-Region 7; Reylan S. Castillo, manager of the Telecommunications Multipurpose Cooperative (TELEMCO); Venus R. Sarmiento, manager of the Metro Cebu  Policemen's Multipurpose Cooperative; Laureano B. Mesias, Jr., elecom chairman of the Cebu People's Multipurpose Cooperative; Ma. Teresa P. Olorvida, acting MCAD dept. head of the PAC Cooperative Inc. (PACCI) Mario Nuñez Encabo, vice chairman of board of directors, and chairman, education committee, of the  NTEP Employees Multipurpose Cooperative; and Zosimo E. Oliveros, development officer of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.

............The two-day seminar constituted of four modules, one each on: the general and specific nuances of the principle of synergism, including a comparative analysis of metaphors being used to illustrate it; the application of synergism on each of the seven principles of cooperativism as enumerated by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA); the basic principles of forming and leading healthy organizations, including the specifics of the three synergies for total human unity and development; and points of attention in training and education, to enable the seminar participants to undertake effective echo seminars in their respective cooperatives.

............In a related development, the newly formed Advocates of Cooperative Education on Synergism (ACES) immediately doubled in size as the founding core, namely the members of the SanibLakas program committee on CES (Ding Reyes, Joydee Robledo, Pinky Serafica, Ed de Vera, Romy Lee Ancheta, and Marie Marciano, all of the SanibLakas Board of Trustees; plus Hermie Manimtim of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Institute on Cooperatives and Salud Liporada, formerly of the Cooperative Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.) were joined by the seven seminar participants, and by the following VICTO leaders: Mercedes D. Castillo, regional executive director, VICTO-Region 7; Clarita P. Napoles, regional executive director, VICTO-Region 8; Renia Salinas -- regional executive director, VICTO-Region 6; Butch Salera -- executive director, Visayas Cooperative Finance (VCF); Reina-Marie C. Bernaldez, editor of The Coop Post (national newsletter of the cooperative movement); and Mario Tamidles.

............ACES will consider as founding members the first 100 signatories to its one-page basic declaration. It is scheduled to hold a general membership meeting about one year from now, at the end of the Cooperatives Month in 2001. CES seminar participants are expected to comprise the majority of the ACES members.

Bulletin No. 4-5 (October 25, 2000)

'Chosen Sites' Launch set October 27;
'Seven Flames' Pamphlet Out by Then

.........MANILA, Philippines, October 25, 2000 (SanibLakas InfoShare) -- The "Sanib-Tinig" New Moon Jamming at Earthlite in Cubao, Quezon City this coming October 27 will be titled "Inspirado!" and will feature inspirational songs. What an apt occasion that will be for SanibLakas Foundation to launch the "CHOSEN Sites" project under its Human Development and Harmony (HDH) program!  And this "happy voices together" jamming, which is the fifth in a monthly series, will be enriched by jamming in other forms of artistic expression, namely painting and poetry. 

............The acronym word "CHOSEN" stands for Centers of Holistic Synergies for Enlightenment, and under the project's first phase, SanibLakas Foundation will recognize existing sites where people of various creeds, inclinations and social standing can meditate in silence almost every day and join mutually-enriching "Sanib-Sinag" personal sharing sessions at least once every week. 

............According to the project brief, CHOSEN sites are areas that are "kept clean and wholesome, with healthful and generally serene atmosphere, with Nature motif in at least one major part of the venue (with living plants and animals); with privacy against passersby; place to meditate alone; place for quiet conversation for about 25 people; wall place to hang some inspirational paintings; wall place to hang texts of the 'Seven Flames for Holistic Synergies'; and at least a shelf-scale collection of readings on spirituality" and synergistic paradigms. 

............During the October 27 launch, SanibLakas will announce the selection of the first three to five such CHOSEN Sites, likely to include Earthlite itself and the "Inter-Faith Room" at the campus of the Asian Social Institute.  Part of the requirements for formal recognition is the signing of a formal memorandum of understanding between SanibLakas Foundation and the owners or managers of the venue defining the general and specific commitments of each party to keep, promote and maximize the recognition of the venue's status as a CHOSEN Site.

............Other candidates include the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary and the Tam-awan Village, both in Baguio City; the Titus Brandsma Center in New Manila, Quezon City; and the Likha-Diwa sa Gulod in Krus na Ligas beside the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman.

............Phase II of this project will see SanibLakas Foundation starting to build CHOSEN Sites in various parts of the country and even in Filipino communities overseas, in partnership with local community organizations.  Art-jamming will also be held regularly at various frequencies in the CHOSEN sites. 

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