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Issued May 4, 2001, after the Bloody May First  and its aftermath of continuing division,  by Ed Aurelio Reyes, both as a citizen of the Republic and as President of SanibLakas Foundation.

'Time to Reach Out to the Ordinary Filipino'

Issued on January  22, 2001, after the upheaval at EDSA installed President Gloria M. Arroyo

. ...'Broader Perspective Needed Avert Further Divisiveness'

...Issued on October 22, 2000 at the height of heated debates over calls for impeachment or resignation of President Joseph Estrada.

..Build and Enjoy Prosperity Together Thru Synergism (October 7, 2000)
. A Salute to the People of Baguio Who Rose Up Together
 ......from the Earthquake Rubble in 1990 (July 16, 2000)
..The Innovative 'Pananao' Concept, Comprehensive Human Rights,
 ......& the SanibLakas Thrust for Human Development & Harmony (June 2000)
..Challenge of Fatherhood: Parental Teamwork
......Beyond the Prenatal Physical Discrepancy (June 18, 2000)
..The Mother's Womb: Temple of Miraculous Synergies
......(May 14, 2000; reissue of 1998 statement)
..The Challenge  of Earth Day Synergy to Enthusiasts in the Philippines .....

        (November 14, 1999)
..Earth Day 2000 falls on  Black Saturday: 

    "Solemnity Toward Profound Festivity" (October 29, 1999)


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