Smile for Synergy
for health, the synergy of all dynamic systems of the body,
for symbiosis, the life-sustaining synergy of all living bodies,
for integrity, the synergy of one's thoughts, words and deeds,
for friendship, the synergy of lives that deeply touch one another,
for marriage, the synergy of lives vowed to be intertwined till the end,
for 'kapatiran' or siblinghood, the synergy of bondings that last,
    as fellow-cuttings from the same womb branch out and grow apart,
for family, the synergy of marriage, parent-child love,
    and siblinghood, born and nurtured in the warm embrace of home,
for teamwork and healthy organizations, the synergy
    of common and diverse physical, mental and spiritual capabilities
    for the same aims,
for earnest conversations, the synergy of information, views and
    feelings that are shared with honest humility and are heeded with genuine
for 'bayanihan' and the cooperatives,
    the synergy of community resources and efforts for the common good,
for nationhood, the synergy of people sharing blood, domain and heritage,
for planethood, the 'Earth synergy' of all nations and races,
    of all species, of all land, air and water, and of all their energies,
for collective wisdom, the synergy of diverse learnings of diverse minds,
for the Universe, the synergy of all that exist, known and unknown,
for the great and glorious Cosmic Consciousness,
    the loving Creator and Synergy of ALL Synergies
Smile for the synergy of all our smiles,
                        happy and proud to be part of it all.

Ding Reyes,
Manila, Philippines
May-June 1999
This poem is  offered as a conversation or contemplation piece. We are seeking feedback, especially in the form of shared personal experiences, insights and feelings on the entire poem or on any of its lines or phrases. Please send responses to "".