Let real peace finally come to us all,

 from deep within us all,

in our dynamic togetherness.

The UN  is not disheartened after the near-fatal blow. It now focuses efforts on bringing survival provisions...






Four score and seven years ago,

 a specter was haunting Europe...


T WAS the Ghost of Savage Inhumanity and Extreme Separativeness, which has  caused  us  to  reject  up  to  now  the  prophetic admonition to "beat (our)

 swords into ploughshares, (and our) spears into pruning hooks." This ghost  has returned to possess us. Let us all come together to exorcise it: change ourselves and all our communities to be whole. We need this healing, and the resulting harmony, for real human development.  

Eighty-seven years ago, World War I was raging full-scale in Europe. Two such World Wars have wrought havoc on humanity, raging within a few decades of each other. It took having to pay that horrible price before the international community of nations could form a broad and formal consensus against war and against international military bullying. 

Still, many people in various countries have unfortunately remained victims of the Savage Ghost of Separativeness, resulting in near-total absence of prudence, of civil decency and of love for life. Thus these people have remained willing to engage either directly in mass killing, or in defeatist toleration, or even cheering, of mass killingsEach war of aggression is actually one gigantic garbage heap of all individual human tantrums, small-group self-righteousness and ego-centric separativeness. Because of the actual interconnectedness of all, many people, though unconsciously and unwillingly, feed energy to war with the intolerance and prejudice lived daily in their personal lives. There would be no war if the majority of the people were to choose to personally deny it this negative energy.   

One may ask, “What, the hell, is going on???” Yes! Hell is going on. War is hell, with all the suffering and all the hatred that pollutes the air in all of the countries involved, as it looms, when it comes, and long after it ends.  When nations raise swords of any kind to strike down nations, victors can only reap Pyrrhic gains, as widows, grieving parents, and orphans wail amid all that poisoned smoke billowing from ruined homes and burnt crops. And if biological and chemical weapons be used, or worse, nuclear weapons, the presence of which is neither confirmed nor denied, the survivors will painfully envy the countless dead until they, too, get total and permanent relief from it all.  

Are we going to allow the new-millennium human civilization to regress fully and openly to the Jungle Jurisprudence that "might is right"? The answer to that is no longer "blowin’ in the wind"! Humankind has had more than enough wars to see the absurdity of it all. Whichever side wins the decisive battles, no one but no one can really win a war. Let no narrow vested or partisan interest of any sort continue to blind anyone of us from seeing this truth: in war, we all stand to lose, as the whole human race loses!  

The consensus since half a century ago has been simple and clear. No country may be justified to engage in war unless: (1) it is in self-defense, in response to an actual military attack; or  (2) it is in compliance with a decision of the United Nations through a vote of the Security Council.  Preemptive attacks are not justifiable. That has been the historic consensus. Although it has been imperiled by many wars all around, it is now most glaringly jeopardized by the specific circumstances of the present war in Iraq.

The United Nations is not disheartened after being dealt a near-fatal blow by brazen defiance coupled with predictable impunity. The UN has now chosen to focus its efforts on bringing survival provisions into the cities now being bombed, on seeking the security of non-combatants and the humane treatment of all persons and communities in general. These efforts deserve all the support they can get, in terms of time, talent and treasure. The maximum of human compassion is urgently needed in this situation.  

The conflict in Iraq is now drawing more and more people into refusing to take sides and into being active advocates for the cause of peace.  In this “eve of destruction” situation, while the cruel war is raging, we are focusing together our celestine energies to visualize and imagine, and work together in earnest, to bring forth a world where men won’t be boys playing with bombs like kids play with toys, where all the people will be sharing all the world and living life in peace. You may say we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones! Our numbers are fast growing!  More and more are joining us now, and the world will soon live as one.

The path to the attainment of real human development and harmony in synergy can be rendered more and more extremely difficult and perilous by the war developments. Still, people in various countries worldwide, in their fast-growing numbers, are seeing the Light of Truth on the Essential Oneness of All, a oneness that embraces even the most vicious and most arrogant of the ignorant bullies in the history of Humankind. Making up the living communities for the Great Human Synergy, these peacemakers are now willing, and even eager, to share and to fully live that light everywhere and everywhen.  

The human race will soon completely outgrow the terribly self-destructive folly called war.  Real peace will finally come to us all, from deep within us all, in our dynamic togetherness. The power of love for others will be stronger than all love for power over others. We shall have come to really know by then that all humans, and all other members of the living Universe, are but widely-varying fingers of the same Hand.  


Metro Manila, Philippines,  March 26, 2003


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