You probably came across this quatrain after the Sept. 11 bombings... 

In the city of York there will be a great collapse

Two twin brothers torn apart by chaos

While the fortress falls, the great leader succumbs,

Third big war begins as the city burns.


(as ascribed; authorship is actually controversial but it has alarmed many)   .


Now, read 'NOSTRAVERUS' ... 

Mind of great populace creates swerves from dire prophecies.

Hearts of Light refuse being tunneled by the powerful to the abyss.

Human evolution now cries in louder chorus: ‘No more wars!’

Even frenzy of hate shall by the Loving Light of Truth be tamed!


Not ever can any saber-rattling a resolute adversary intimidate.

In fighting fire with hateful fire, messy strife surely will escalate

Allow ourselves to all take sides, and conflagration broadens.

It'll send all up in thickest smokes to blacken full the heavens


Thousands lay dead and wounded, victims all, undoubtedly.

Yet who would the biggest victims be, really in this awful tragedy?

Casualties lost bodies, but aren’t furious survivors losing their God?

Million souls now pushed to hate, and--woe!--to thirst for blood.


In word and form have peace prayers and rituals widely varied.

Still, all voices against war build synergies in intent and effect.

Small circles for sharing and praying embolden even the timid

As their ripples grow out, more hearts start to ponder, to reflect.


God, please bless these people, so proud to be mighty and free!

Heal their wounds and pains, lovingly dry their bitt'rest of tears.

Cure them of hatred and confusion, and help them to deeply see.

Why anger of many 'round the world for stripe'd flag is so fierce?


Denial of Truth is a terrible cancer to our emotions and spirit.

We have the 'response-ability' to be vigilant, open and sobered.

Hold our judgment, let discernment move and work ahead of it.

Sift and seek the Truth in a patient way, with all well-considered.


If we fight terrorism with terrorism, can that cycle ever end?

How long shall we keep saying that might from our side is right?

Try, instead, to see which ways of ours we need now to amend.

If we really heed to heal, a much better world would come to sight!


Crucial first step to take in fighting terrorists most treacherous

Is for us to check and rid ourselves of tendencies within --

Toward being arrogant, intolerant and, oh, so self-righteous.

Then, and only then, shall we deserve this noble fight to win.


This may yet turn out to be a most complicated  preparation,

That fully shed the tails from our reptilian origins would we,

For Humankind to march forward in collective evolution--

From intolerance and bigotry, to pluralism and Harmony!


Carnage from iron birds and threats of global war most bloody

Might just cause the whole Humankind to bond upon each strand.

We'll finally be one global community, the great Human Family.

Clearly see shall we that "we're all Fingers of the Same Hand!" 



(Our Truth)                

Quatrain 1 ( 2001/09/18) 

Quatrains 2-10(2001/09/19-22)


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x The first quatrain came from a special Sanib-Sinag (Light-Sharing) session held by some SanibLakas Foundation leaders at Earthlite, C.O.D., Quezon City on Sept. 17, as a special session of Sanib-Tinig new-moon jamming, where the only song sung was “All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance," interspersed with insights from participants. 

   The rest of the quatrains were fashioned within the  week of creation of the first quatrain, from later sharings through another “All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance” singing-and-sharing session, and through texted and e-mailed messages.  

The following light-sharers are represented by their respective insights and feelings in all these ten quatrains: Ding Reyes, Joydee Robledo, Vivien Virata, Gerrie Caniete, Ernie Gonzales, Henry Vasallo, Eve Magnata, Fr. Stephen Punnakal, Pio Isaga, and Ronnel de la Cruz (singing-and-sharing sessions); Marie Marciano, Mila R. Garcia, Karen Virata, Mina Ramirez, Maraya Chebat, and Tony Villasor (texted messages); and Jimmi Reyes, Gus Maramara,  Jim Paredes,  and Jun Simbulan (e-mailed messages).  Reading these for the first time, they would probably recognize instantly which points of insight or discernment came from their own hearts and minds. We hope each of them would appreciate how her/his own point relates with the others in the entire flow.

They and all the others who would spread these quatrains, resonate with them and/or add to them are part of the growing collective wisdom called “Nostraverus” (Our Truth).  Further contributions are welcome. We have no intention to make this an "exclusive club."

If you believe in what “Nostraverus” is saying here, please send it forward as an e-mail to as many people as possible, or text yourr friends about it and the URL address of this website, or fax it out, or even post it in your office.  This is a new project under the SanibLakas Foundation’s program thrust for Human Development and Harmony  


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